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What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral Therapy is a powerful yet exceptionally gentle therapy.  It engages with the most profound healing forces within us to integrate body, mind and spirit.  We all possess a potent inherent healing potential which is often compromised through illness, accidents, trauma and stress and Craniosacral Therapy engages with your system to bring balance into being.  


The process involves engaging with the nervous system, craniosacral rhythm and deeper rhythmic tides within the body, sensing motions and pulses, allowing the body to release held tensions and traumas and reintegrate into a calmer state.


Craniosacral therapy is a holistic therapy, working with the whole body and is a safe treatment for everyone, from the newborn to the elderly.  It is a therapy that is well known for helping babies, children and mothers and the many occasions where birth trauma is indicated. 

What to expect

The session begins with a consultation where you have space to tell me how you are and if you have any particular problems that you'd like to address.  


During the treatment you remain fully clothed and lie comfortably on the couch,  A very light and sensitive touch is used to engage with your system, taking up contact in different positions on your body, wherever it is needed.  Sometimes the treatment will incorporate Fascial Unwinding, an aspect of Craniosacral Therapy that can often be overlooked.

As the treatment progresses, you may feel tingling sensations throughout the body or subtle changes in temperature.  It is common for memories to come to mind, either recent or from many years past and sometimes you may experience an emotional release - this is always seen as a positive as it's all part of releasing the emotions from your system so a degree of healing and integration can occur.  Many people find the treatment to be deeply relaxing, sometimes falling asleep and often experiencing a meditative quality of stillness during and after the session.

It really is a beautiful therapy and the benefits to you over time can be profound. 

Appointments in person and distant CST available.

For further information about Craniosacral Therapy:

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