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I’m not sure which therapy or therapies are best for me.  Can you help?


Yes, of course.  We can either have a conversation before we meet or at the time of the first appointment we can decide together the best way forward for you.

How many treatments will I need?


It very much depends on how you are and your reasons for seeking treatment.  We can discuss your situation and work out a course of action or you can take time to process the first treatment and we can go from there.   Either way, we can assess how things are progressing for you during the time that we are working together.


I’m in talking therapy, how does your work complement this?


The silence and the space you get when you’re receiving any kind of energy healing is invaluable after the talking.  When our mind and body relax, space is created for any tensions to release and it is in the quiet we can connect to our own wisdom.


Why are the first appointments longer?


I encourage 90 minutes for first appointments to allow time for you to tell me how you are.  Thereafter you may still decide on longer appointments if you prefer.


What is your approach?


We all possess an inherent healing potential, have our own deep knowing or intuition and my aim is to create a space of calm and quiet to better enable this innate wisdom and healing to come into consciousness.   I listen deeply to you and what you’re going through and no matter how you are I always see your light.


What conditions have you treated?


I see people presenting with many different illnesses or imbalances, whether they manifest mentally, physically or emotionally.  Because these therapies focus on you and not just the condition or reason you are suffering, their reach is limitless.  I appreciate that this may sound a little nebulous or confusing but if we see ourselves as mind body soul beings that are in constant flux, always trying to find our balance, consciously and unconsciously, then we see how at certain times in our lives we become more susceptible to being knocked out of our natural state of wellbeing.  This can manifest in many ways.  Even if you are suffering from a chronic condition, there is always a way to find more peace and calm, whatever the state because that place is available to each and every one of us, moment to moment.



Do you work online?


Yes, 1:1 online via Zoom works very well with Homeopathic Consultations (UK only) and Wellbeing Mentoring (Worldwide).



What is Distant Healing?


This is such a fascinating subject and opens us to a world of quantum energy, intention and love.  When I received Reiki attunements I received information on how we can send Reiki healing from a distance.  In lay terms, everything is energy and with an open heart and attention we can expand healing energy to anyone and anything.  This is what happens during a distant healing treatment and it works for Reiki and Craniosacral Therapy for which I have also had training and guidance.  If you can’t see me in person this is a wonderful way to receive a treatment and is available worldwide.

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