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'I had always been intrigued by reflexology but never tried it before my treatment with Grey.  I came into Grey's therapy room and felt like I was in the perfect place for this new experience.  Grey really took the time to talk to me and ask me many questions to fully understand my needs and work out how she could help me.  I came out feeling incredibly relaxed, Grey had removed all the tensions I felt in my body, my tight shoulders and neck.


I also went to see Grey as a homeopath to help me with pain in my hips.  Grey treated me and I felt I was in very good hands. On my second appointment, after I unexpectedly lost my mum, she adapted the treatment to include helping me to cope with the feelings of sadness and separation, offering me invaluable support.  I have recommended Grey to my friends and would do to anyone who is looking for a natural approach to healing.'



'Grey was my homeopath last year when I was unexpectedly diagnosed with Osteoporosis at 54. I was told that with the right exercise and medication I could reverse this diagnosis but I had been warned that the usual medicine required had side effects. I met Grey and she prescribed me homeopathic remedies instead and after seven months I was relieved to hear that I was indeed getting better and am now not classed as within the Osteoporosis bracket.  I would highly recommend Grey, as well as being a lovely person she is easy to talk with and has helped me tremendously.'



Grey is a healer. She has dedicated herself to studying and practicing many different aspects of healing, always with gentleness, compassion and the greatest gift of all - intuition. I have received both distance healing and homeopathic treatment from Grey and have experienced profound release through them, for which I am deeply grateful. A rare practitioner.'



'I started having panic attacks and feelings of de-realisation after my GCSE exams and smoking weed for the first time. The homeopathic remedies helped to reduce my anxiety and also the feelings of de-realisation that were really frightening at the time. It was also really good to be able to talk about what was happening to me without being judged.



'I have a fear of flying and suffer with travel sickness. Grey spent a long time with me, talking through all aspects of my life, taking time to understand my background and history before prescribing homeopathic remedies. Her warm and reassuring manner made it easy for me to talk to her and she made some really interesting connections with previous road accidents and events in my life which I hadn't realised have such a significant impact on how I feel and think today.

The remedies Grey prescribed definitely helped me on my recent family holiday to California. My anxiety towards travelling, especially flying was greatly reduced and my travel sickness was markedly better. I would thoroughly recommend Grey as a homeopath and healer to anyone, she has a wonderful gift.'



'My divine reflexology treatment with Grey created a source of profound serenity. She worked intuitively to support my emotional and physical needs with a subtlety that conveyed a reassuring depth of knowledge. Her professionalism and warm nature provide the perfect balance.



'During the second trimester of an IVF pregnancy, I began to experience debilitating insomnia, sometimes getting to sleep at 4 in the morning only to be woken by my alarm for work at 6. The doctor offered sleeping tablets, but I resisted those and tried to carry on for a couple of months. It was the same night after my first experience of reflexology with Grey, that I slept again.

Seventeen years on, I have continued to benefit from Grey's treatments, which she carries out with professionalism, empathy and deep intuition. In getting to know the whole person, she gently searches and deliberates with calm questions in a welcoming environment.'



'I have been consulting with Sarah over the past couple of years, having never considered homeopathy before, I find the remedies have been of benefit. Aged 81, I have various health issues including Blepharitis, a chronic eye disease which caused me great irritation daily, but by using remedies it is completely in control and I go about my daily life without thinking about my eyes at all. She has also given me a remedy for my heart, which has raised my energy levels and my blood pressure has dropped significantly. I would recommend anyone to consult with Sarah, she has compassion, listens carefully and will help. This really is bespoke treatment, unhurried and carefully considered to suit individual needs.'



Channel Islands

'I consulted Grey after suffering from a series of anxiety attacks and an ongoing heightened level of nervousness in everyday life. She took the time to understand, not only the specific nature of the anxiety, but also the holistic overview of everything that was going on in my life. The consultation itself was beneficial as I was able to talk through the things that might be contributing to the anxiousness, something that I am not usually very good at.

She prescribed a course of homeopathic treatment, which I followed. After a couple of weeks I noticed a reduction in the level and severity of the anxiety attacks. Although I am not fully back to normal yet, I am in a better position than before.'



'I was finding it extremely difficult to relax when not working and this was affecting my ability to sleep at night. A single session of reflexology was really powerful and it transformed my sleep for several nights. It was such a wonderful change and, of course, my days got better too. I now have regular reflexology treatments and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Grey to others.'



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